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.:Piccolo Info:.

Race: Namek
Eyes: Black
Hair: None
Skin: Green
Height: 6' 6"
Weight: ~200 lbs.

Piccolo is actually the "son" of Piccolo-Daimao; one of the more powerful villains from the first Dragonball series(and the evil half of Kami). He was defeated by Goku, but before he died he spat out an egg which became Piccolo. At first Piccolo wanted only to avenge his father and continue his rampage, but through a strange twist of fate he ended up helping Goku and the rest of Earth's protectors. He even trained Goku's son, Gohan. Gohan helped Piccolo lighten up and was probably one of the main reasons Piccolo became good. Piccolo went on to fight in just about every major battle in the series. At one point he merged with another Namekian(sp?) warrior named Nail, and later he re-merged with Kami making him the strongest Namekian in existence.

Bukujutsu, Chonoryoku, Chou Bakurestu Ma Ha, Energy Dan, Kousengan, Kakusanyudokodan, Kyodaika, Makankosappo, Sai Sei, Renzokou Kikou Ha, Renzoku Senkoudan, Merging, Shogekiha, Tsuihidan, Zanzoken

Ability Descriptions:

With the concentration of ki energy, it allows the Z warriors to defy gravity and soar through the heavens. Almost every major character has this talent.

Very thin and concentrated, this technique is used to make a precise hit on a target and do major damage. It has a limited range, but moves very fast.

A highly condensed beam of energy, the Makankosappo can pierce the strongest of armor. It is cast by putting ones first two fingers on the forehead. The makankosappo is faster than a bullet, but takes a few minutes to charge to a reasonable strength.

Sai Sei:
Although most species can heal themselves over time, few can regrow limbs or heal themselves in an instant. This technique, known as "saisei," enables a being to restore themselves to full health, although often this process lowers their power level significantly.

Renzoku Senkoudan:
This attack surrounds the enemy with dozens of Ki packets, which then collapse upon the poor target. This lets all the energy hit at the same time, rendering it very powerful.

Dematerializing and quickly moving to another spot close by. Leaves a silhouette of the person for a short period of time in their original location, causing the "blur" effect. Most major characters in the series have this ability.

Thanks to Planet Namek for alot of this info