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[8-21-02]- Ugh, finally got the movies back up but because of space restrictions I had to remove a couple. The good ones are still there though. Sorry for the wait, stupid real life keeps getting in the way. Nothing else to add to the site for now, but I hope what is here serves Piccolo fans some at least. Take care.

[3-25-02]- The movie section is down for now. It's only temporary though. The movies will be back up within the next few months, along with some other new content. Stay tuned.

[1-7-02]- Got my first affiliate, Trunks' Capsule Corp. Network. This site's got a ton of stuff, definately check it out.

[12-30-01]- Added some more clips to the movie section, also updated the info and rants pages.

[12-18-01]- Well, it appears I'll never be content with the layout of the site but I do like this new one. A tad more professional looking than the last. I've only seen it on my comp so if you find anything screwy with the site email me. Enjoy.