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These are some of my thoughts and beliefs on the DB/Z/GT series(and yeah I know I care about this a little too much:p). If you don't like them, well I really don't care.

On Piccolo:
Well it should be pretty clear by now I think he's great. In fact I think he's by far the best character ever, yes ever. I am aware that he's fictional but still, something about him just demands my respect and admiration. Maybe it was his evolution from a purely evil villain to the heroic, almost divine warrior he became. Or maybe it's because time and time again I've seen him sacrifice himself for those he once despised. No matter what the odds he always keeps a cool head and he's always ready to give his all for anyone who needs his help. He doesn't rely on flashy transformations or brute strength but an inner power that no other DB character has. If you don't agree well that's fine, but true strength doesn't come from fighting or amassing huge amounts of energy(both of which he can do without a doubt, but that's beside the point). It has to be found within.

On the Saiya-jins(or however you spell it):
I'm so damn sick of the constant Saiya-jin lovefest, it just got way out of hand. Pushing great characters like Piccolo, Tien, Yamucha and Krillin to the background so that the monkies could rule the whole damn series. What's the big deal? Piccolo's power is always right up there with theirs', in fact if one of the Saiya-jins wanted to beat Piccolo(or just about anyone else for that matter) they'd have to go SSJ. They're too reliant on that transformation and that will always be a glaring weakness in my eyes. If you're a SSJ fan that's fine, I don't wanna insult the characters you choose to like but don't forget there are alot of really great characters in the series besides them. Unfortunately it seems those in charge of the series forgot that. Such a pity...

On Vegeta:
Hrm, well I just don't know what to think about this guy anymore. On one hand he totally infuriates me with how pathetic he can be, but sometimes I see that little bit of bravery and heroism in him. I used to completely hate him but now I just feel somewhere in between. I don't know, I'll have to wait until I've seen everything there is about him. There' just too many layers for me to say right now. Maybe he's not AS bad as I always thought he was.

On Akira Toriyama:
Well plain and simple I think he's incredible. His artwork just completely captivates me, his style just has a unique quality that I find amazing. He has this way of communicating so much through the slightest look or gesture. Plus he created Piccolo so he holds a special place in my heart. He's by far my favorite artist\creator, screw Davinchi and Picasso! Toriyama all the way baby!(maybe I shouldn't write this stuff at 3:30AM all hopped up on skittles... oh well! tralalalalalalalalalalala!)